Registration IDSPANH307A001
Course TitleTaller Literario: Writing Short Fiction in Spanish
InstructorCastillo Sandoval,Roberto
Time And DaysM 7:30pm-10:00pm
Lab Sections
Additional Course InfoClass Number: 1792
A fiction-writing workshop for students whose Spanish-writing skills are at an advanced level. The class will be conducted as a combination seminar/workshop, with time devoted to discussion of syllabus readings and student work. The course will focus on essential matters of craft and technique in creative writing (point of view, voice, dialogue, narrative structure, etc.). Principally, we will be concerned with how stories work rather than what they mean. This perspective can prove a useful lens for reconsidering works long accepted as "great", and a practical method for developing individual styles and strategies of writing.; Enrollment Limit: 12
Div: III; Humanities (HU)
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